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It’s no secret that New Zealand’s public health system has ever growing waiting lists for non-acute (elective) operations; even cancer treatment and heart surgery are considered semi acute! Waiting for treatment from the public health system could result in your health deteriorating further, which has direct impact on your personal and professional life.

A carefully composed health policy can smooth the way through challenging times. Not only will you be spared the financial impact of private health treatment, you’ll get the highly qualified attention you need quickly and easily. No waiting lists.

We recommend private medical cover for you and your family where it is most important: I.e. hospitalisation and costs for specialists and diagnostic tests.

Please consider Private Medical cover as young as possible, as we believe it is an investment in your future and a gift to your children before pre-existing conditions may limit your access to full private cover.

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Accreditations: ING life, Sovereign, Tower, Southern Cross.

ING Life:

We are proud to be accredited ING Life advisers. ING Life is the only insurer in New Zealand that will cover treatment costs for major illnesses such as cancer, irrespective of whether those costs are subsidised by PHARMAC or not. PHARMAC is the Government body with the mandate to make decisions about how to best utilise the Government’s Pharmaceutical budget.
This is a topical issue where it relates to Breast Cancer treatment in New Zealand. Unfortunately, New Zealand has one of the worst breast cancer rates in the world.
1 in 9 women will be diagnosed with the disease.
A worldwide recognised treatment for early stage HER 2 type breast cancer is a 52 week treatment of Herceptin. Related to the weight of the patient, treatment costs are estimated at around $100,000.- per patient. Neither the government nor any other insurer, besides ING Life, will cover these costs as they are not Pharmac subsidised, and the high costs involved can not justify access.

For further reading: Please refer to the article: Cancer Drug too Expensive.

Other examples of non Pharmac funded medications:

The below list contains just a handful of examples of the types of medications and treatments which are not subsidised by the Public Health System, but which are covered by ING Life’s Major Medical Cover. Of particular note are the numerous cancer, cardiac, and rheumatoid arthritis medications which are very expensive.

“Joe den Enting Financial Services” is a proud sponsor of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.


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