Immigration can be challenging


They say that the top 4 most stressful events that can occur during someone’s life are:

  1. Death

  2. Marriage

  3. Childbirth

  4. Immigration to another country

I moved to New Zealand with my family in January 2004. I would be lying if I said that adjusting to our new environment has always been easy. However, it is a beautiful country that has offered us so many opportunities, professionally as well as personally. It’s a stunning place to live and a wonderful environment to see our children grow up in. We never looked back!

If you have just moved, or are about to take off to New Zealand; I can only congratulate you.

Sharing the experience:

As immigrants ourselves we have experienced the long journey of moving, settling in, and starting over in a new country. Do not hesitate to contact us with a general enquiry: We are happy to assist and do not charge for giving general advise. We have received plenty of tips from unknown friends that helped us tremendously when settling in.

By taking an active role within the migrant community we have established many lasting client relationships. We welcome you to join us.

Professional services for migrants:

Personal Insurances

The New Zealand system offers extensive support through the public and social system. We take pride in being able to show you what you can expect from the government, and where you have to take some responsibility yourself. This depends largely on the type of visa, (residency, work permit) that you may hold when entering New Zealand.

Mortgage lending:

Getting a mortgage as a new immigrant can be complicated. We can assist in finding you the right lender at acceptable terms.

Retirement planning:

Most immigrants have built up some sort of pension entitlement in their home country. We can assist you with your queries regarding pension transfer and retirement opportunities available within New Zealand. (KiwiSaver)

Self Employment:

New Zealand is the country of small business. Nowhere in the world are as many people self employed, running businesses with less than 20 staff members. The country offers great opportunities for new entrepreneurs. Many immigrants, including myself have decided to start out for themselves.

We are happy to assist you with your queries re: self employment and its implications. This can relate to: Education and qualifications, tax and accounting obligations, legal structures and requirements, insurance obligations and levies (government as well as private), finding professional partners (solicitors, accountants, etc), raising finance for your property or venture, employment law etc.

We do not claim to be an expert on all these matters; however we will be able to share our own experience and refer you on to trustworthy partners.

Do not hesitate to contact us; we welcome your enquiry!

Languages spoken: Fluent in English & Dutch, semi-fluent in German & French.

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